Supporting Organizations

ISTQB - International Software Testing Qualifications Board

We are thrilled to announce that SEETEST is a proud member of ISTQB® Conference Network

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) is a globally recognized organization dedicated to defining and maintaining a high standard of software testing practices. The certification process ensures that professionals possess the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic field of software testing.

More information about ISTQB can be found Here

BASSCOM - Bulgarian Association of Software Companies

The Bulgarian Association of Software Companies - BASSCOM was established in 2001. BASSCOM is a non-profit industry association representing more than 90 leading companies developing software products and systems and offering comprehensive IT solutions, and over 120 associated members, among which universities, foundations, venture capital funds, etc. The main objectives of the Association are to promote the Bulgarian software industry, to work for the improvement of the educational system and the introduction of e-government, to participate in creating and implementing policies for effective IT investments for the benefit of the entire society. BASSCOM is actively working to popularize Bulgaria as a high-tech destination where software companies develop their own products and services with high added value. More information about BASSCOM, its member-companies and activities can be found Here

BAIT - Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies

The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) is the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in the sphere of information and communication technologies in Bulgaria. Established in 1995, presently 100 member companies are enlisted in the association for which more than 16 600 ICT specialists are working, generating an annual turnover of 4,35 billion BGN. The Association includes companies in the trend of hardware, software, system integration, telecommunications, Internet suppliers, game developers, IoT, cybersecurity, business management solutions, fintech, etc.

BAIT is the organizer of the BAIT AWARDS - the most prestigious annual industry awards for contribution to the development of information and communication technologies under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria.

BAIT has established the National Technology Transfer Office in the area of information and communication technology to facilitate the process of technology transfer between innovators, researchers and users of ICT in practice.

BAIT has created the eSkills For Future online platform to attract young people to career development in the ICT sector. Information about IT trainings and events in Bulgaria can be found on the platform.

MASIT – Macedonian Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies

MASIT – Macedonian Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies is a volunteer, non – profit chamber of commerce. The chamber was founded in 2000 as an initiative of the top fifteen Macedonian IT companies. The chamber represents companies of the ICT sector in Macedonia including: software and IT services companies, hardware companies and distributors, carrier and other telecommunication companies, as well as training providers and ICT consulting companies.

The mission declares our purpose as an ICT chamber of commerce: “MASIT is the voice and resource of a competitive ICT sector, supporting an innovation – driven economy and a key contributor to the nation’s prosperity”. The goals of MASIT have been established to achieve the mission stated, as well as to satisfy the needs and interests to retain and expand membership: public dialog, competitiveness, collaborating and networking, export capacities, sustainability.

ICT Cluster

ICT Cluster is a strategic cluster initiative of Bulgarian ICT business. The mission of the organization is to increase the competitiveness of Bulgarian ICT industry by support of ICT SME growth, promotion of ICT cluster excellence and creation of new business opportunities through cross- border, cross-industry and cross-cluster collaboration.

ICT Cluster activities are aligned with the following goals:
• Support of industrial transformation and development of emerging industries by using ICT in Bulgaria and the region;
• Facilitate entrepreneurship, foundation of business skills, supporting establishment of national system for technology risk financing;
• Creation of new global business opportunities across regions, industries, borders, and continents;
• Boosting technology transfer, Innovations and R&D development in Bulgaria.

More information about ICT Cluster can be found Here

ICT Cluster of Central Serbia

ICT Cluster of Central Serbia is a business association which gathers enterprises, institutions and organizations from ICT sector from the territory of Central Serbia, based in geographical center of Serbia, in the city of Kragujevac.

Cluster was established on May 21, 2013 with the goal to support and develop the information and communication technologies sector on the territory of Central Serbia. This goal will be achieved through building capacities and infrastructure of the Cluster to provide support for development of small and medium sized enterprises in ICT field with the aim to enhance their competitiveness, businesses and visibility on domestic and international markets.

Since its establishment, ICT cluster CS has managed to put itself to the map of clusters on national and international level. On the national level the Cluster has signed the Memorandum of cooperation with three the most developed ICT clusters in Serbia (ICT NET Belgrade, Vojvodina ICT Cluster – VOICT, NIS Cluster of Advanced Technologies – NI-CAT) with which has intensive cooperation on building environment for effective clusters and ICT sector development.

One of 7 founders of Serbian Cluster Association – SCAN and its cluster manager is in SCAN Managing Board. Also, member of Balkan, Black Sea and Baltic ICT Clusters Network – 3B ICT which consists of 17 full member ICT cluster organizations which covers population area of over 350 million and European Digital SME Alliance which consists of more than 20.000 ICT SMEs across the EU.

BIT Alliance

BIT Alliance is an association of the largest IT companies in B&H which have been united since 2014 under BIT Alliance, the head organization of the IT industry in B&H. Each day, we are lead by a single-minded goal – to develop more opportunities in the IT industry market, by dealing with numerous obstacles that are slowing down its growth.

In order to develop a positive business environment for further growth of the B&H IT industry, BIT Alliance continuously works on resolving the two biggest issues that IT companies are experiencing every day – the lack of highly skilled employees and poorly developed IT industry infrastructure, accompanied by lack of development incentives.


WeTest.Athens will happen on June 7, 2024.

We Test Athens is the first Software Testing Conference happening in Greece. Their mission is to share knowledge, tech, best practices and create a strong community of Software Testing Engineers. Their main topics are the latest trends in software testing such as Dockerization, Cypress, Mobile & Usability testing. Join a one-day event full of speeches, by international and local presenters!

TMMi Foundation

TMMi is the world-leading model for test process improvement. Using TMMi, organizations can improve their test process and even become accredited when they comply with the requirements.

The TMMi Foundation has set up a global assessment and certification scheme for test organizations, through accredited TMMi assessors and lead assessors, as well as a certification scheme for test professionals offered internationally by TMMi recognized training providers.

The TMMi Foundation is a non-profit organization, which supports organizations around the world to improve their software and system testing and achieve higher and sustainable levels of product quality for the systems they are developing and maintaining.

More information about TMMi can be found Here


15. International Virtual TestIstanbul Conference, the largest software testing event in the South Europe and Middle East region is organized this year on 10-11th October 2024. The of this year is “Mobile Testing”. It is an international conference on software testing organized by Turkish Testing Board which is the member of ISTQB®, hosted +6400 participants and +70 valuable keynote speakers from +300 companies and +25 countries since 2010. The audience of the conference will be mainly test engineers, project managers, software engineers, software programmers, DevOps engineers, product managers, business managers, software architects, system analysts, agile teams, and business teams. Attendees will be from various industries; banking, insurance, telecom, high-tech, finance, e-commerce, startups etc. The conference will take place in an interactive way. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world through Chat Rooms, Q&A Sessions, Virtual Expo Area, Gamification Activities and Networking Events. TestIstanbul also, is the event that annually up-to-date edition of TSQR is launched. The report is designed to draw a clear picture of the current situation in Turkish market and sets the de facto standards and trends for future IT projects. More information about the
conference is available here


Testwarez is a space created by Polish Testing Board (SJSI), the biggest non-profit organization in Poland, for you to boost knowledge sharing and launch discussions around challenges and trends in software testing. Various expertise levels among speakers and conference attendees - ranging from highly skilled veterans through practitioners and theorists to enthusiastic beginners filling either management or engineering positions - allow for a unique opportunity of constructive and productive debates. Conference formula fosters free dialogue during speeches, lectures, discussions panels as well as behind the scenes. This year participants can count on new solutions that support interaction and integration.

Test’RS Club

The club of professional software testers “Test’RS Club” was founded in April 2015. It is the first non profit organization in Serbia that gathers all professionals with interest in quality control and software testing in one community.

The main objectives of the Test’RS Club are improvement of vocational, scientific and educational activities in the field of information technology, with an emphasis on the quality control of software products; exchange of knowledge and experience between community members and the community as a whole with other professional associations and communities at the national and international levels; continuous education of the wider community in the field of information technology, with focus on the software quality control.

CEEOA - Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association was founded in 2008. The members of the association are the leading IT and outsourcing associations from the Central and Eastern Europe. CEEOA brings together the Associated bodies of CEE region in a powerful, active and developing association to exchange thought leadership and network to position the Central and Eastern European region as competitive alternative to other global IT and business process outsourcing destinations. CEEOA strives to become an effective resource of industry knowledge, effective promotional tool, and effective communication channel for service providers allowing them wide range international expansion. Furthermore, association promotes and shares the best practices, benefits, expert information and research findings, and innovative solutions gained in outsourcing industry from CEE countries.