Past Speakers

Vipul Kocher

Vipul Kocher


Vipul is a co-founder of SALT and Verity software and President of the Indian Testing Board, the ISTQB board for India. Prior to that he co-founded and ran PureTesting, a very successful testing services company. He has over 23 years of experience including managing Adobe Reader testing.

He has won several awards including the best paper award at STAREast 2006 and the Logica CMG Triple Star Award for the most original contribution at EuroStar 2005. He has been a Keynote speaker at many testing conferences in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia-New Zealand.

Vipul invented Q-Patterns, a method of capturing testing knowledge and writing reusable test cases. This method is used by various organizations across the world. He is also the inventor of the extension to Noun-and-Verb technique for creating large number of tests from minimal documentation in shortest time possible.

AI and AI in Testing

Artificial intelligence and the discussion surrounding it are neither new nor surprising. However, the fever pitch regarding AI has never been stronger as the current times. It appears, for the first time, that viable AI solutions for what was previously science fiction will become available.

In this half-day tutorial we will learn about AI, Machine learning and how it works. We will also look at how to test AI solutions and how to use AI in testing.

This tutorial should open up the path for you to knowledge about how to learn about AI, the pre-requisites and skills required to create your own AI solutions and the framework on the basis of which you can develop your own understanding of AI in testing and Testing AI.

There is no programming knowledge requirement for this tutorial but knowledge of a scripting language such as Python is helpful.

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