SEETEST 2020's success!

  • 06 Oct 2020

SEETEST 2020's success!

2020 undoubtedly brought a lot of changes to the domain of conferences. The international software testing conference SEETEST 2020 managed to adjust perfectly to these new conditions and for the first time it took place virtually. However, with more than 400 participants from 24 countries and a high quality of the talks and presentations, the change didn’t seem to affect much.

SEETEST’s organizers, in the face of SEETB and Quality House again managed the organization perfectly, as much as the experience was new even for them. The focus on the first day was again put on great tutorial topics from world-renowned lecturers from the field of software testing. However, the organizers took great measure in giving all participanst a great overall virtual conference experience, and made sure to be attentive and helpful at all points.

Attendees could choose from three tracks of tutorials, including Transition from Traditional into Agile Tester from Alon Linetzki, while Paul Gerrard discussed the Essential People Skills for Testers: Collaboration, Communication and Teamworking and Joel Oliveira gave a great Introduction to Mobile Testing. In the afternoon, Pablo Garcia Munos elaborated on how to Reach your goals faster with a Metrics Dashboard, while Stuart Reid talked about Testing AI-Based Systems, and Michael Pilaeten told us all about Accurate Estimations and Prioritizations.

On the second day participants could choose from sessions on multiple various topics such as Cloud Testing, Agile Testing, Test Automation and many more. Once again, Best Paper and Best Presentation were awarded at SEETEST, with Best Paper going to Milovan Pocek and his work Let's get Cloud - introduction to functional testing of Microsoft Azure, and Best Presentation won by a popular vote by Wim Demey and Is survival of the fittest only for the fastest?

And even though circumstances this year forced a different format of the conference and a different form of communication, chances for networking were not absent – attendees had the chance to chat to each other at every moment, exchanging thoughts about the conference, speakers and talks at all times.

SEETEST 2020’s organizers would like to thank everyone who helped make this event come true for all the help and support – something especially important this year. Their sincerest gratitude goes also to their sponsors – Visteon Corporation, DraftKings, and Milestone Systems, as well as all supporting organizations and media partners.

Hope to see you next year live, this time in Belgrade, Serbia!

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