All tutorials for SEETEST 2024 now announced!

  • 17 Jun 2024

All tutorials for SEETEST 2024 now announced!

A rich selection of tutorials designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in software testing, promising insights, hands-on learning, and invaluable expertise from:

Introduction to AI and Techniques for the testing of AI-Based Systems by Klaudia Dussa-Zieger
Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger is the team leader responsible for consulting at imbus. She is particularly interested in test management, the continuous improvement of the test process and the professional training and further education of testers. For more than 10 years she is member of the German Testing Board (GTB). Currently, she is the President of the ISTQB, where she heads the AI Taskforce.
Klaudia will be introducing this workshop for people who have no or little knowhow on AI and who want to learn a few basics of AI and practice some techniques to test AI-based systems. After the intro participants will look at different testing techniques that can be used in the test of AI-based systems: pairwise testing, back-to-back testing, metamorphic testing, A/B testing and experience-based testing, as well as delve into some practical info.

Exploratory Testing, making it work by Pablo Garcia Munos
Pablo has almost thirty years of experience as a tester. After passing through roles like Test Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager he worked as Total Program Manager managing the complete the Ericsson Development in India. Now, over 20 years later he has run over 50 assignments besides running his own test companies.
His tutorial will go through many exploratory testing techniques and how to start and documenting tests in exploratory testing.

Mastering API Test Automation: Beyond the Basics by Joel Oliveira
With over two decades of experience, Joel has tackled a variety of roles, including developer, tester, technical and project manager, quality and engineering manager, and everything in between and has led teams of engineers in a diverse range of industries, from telecommunications and government to finance, defense, and aerospace.
In his tutorial, participants will explore advanced techniques and strategies to elevate your API test automation skills to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned QA engineer looking to enhance your proficiency or a developer seeking to streamline your testing processes, this tutorial is designed to have something for you with practical insights and real-life tips.

Embracing the diversity of communication styles by Rob Lambert
Rob Lambert is on a mission to make management more interesting, rewarding, and fun. It's an uphill struggle. Rob started his career as a software tester, became a manager, then VP of Engineering, and then made the logical move sideways to HR, before setting up his own management consulting company.
In this fun, interesting and practical tutorial, Rob will share the 11 principles of effective communication, why communication is important and how to understand your own style and preferences. Participants will create some posters, maybe even a video or podcast, all whilst learning about presenting, listening, writing, non-verbal communication and more. Topics such as relationship building, active listening, purpose, audience and context will be covered, and Rob will even make a fool of himself showing you some classic non-verbal communication. Along the way you’ll have insights into how the drama triangle works, how to be more assertive, how communication is something the listener does and how being effective in communication is WAY more important than being efficient.
AI-Enabled Test Management: A Real-Time Guide by Maryna Didkovska
Maryna is a Quality Engineering Director at EPAM Systems. As a Test Manager, Delivery manager and Software automation engineer, she has managed teams to build scalable testing process on a projects with over 600 participants, develop testing ecosystems on Enterprise level, find solutions to quality architectural challenges, and coached others be experts and leaders.
Her tutorial guide will show you how AI can make testing more efficient, accurate, and resilient and help you understand is it disruption for you or not. It includes topics such as Real-Life Examples of AI in Testing and Adaptive Strategies with AI and will help you and your team use AI tools and methods to stay strong and effective, no matter what challenges come your way.

Powerful insights into quality using metrics and team self-assessment by Mette Bruhn-Pedersen
Mette Bruhn-Pedersen has experience working in software testing as a tester, test manager, and test leader. She has both used traditional and agile approaches to testing on team level and company level.
Since 2014 Mette has helped managers, QA & Test leads, agile teams and business stakeholders on their journey from a team based agile setup to a scaled setup. Based on these experiences and discussions with peers, Mette has co-authored an eBook about Quality and Testing in Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises, which was published in April 2018.
In Mette’s tutorial participants will discuss which metrics are useful and why and will also go through a method combining self-assessment with an extended retrospective as a way to get everyone involved in both measuring and gaining insights.

At the end of the tutorial they will have reflected on their current way of measuring quality and gotten new ideas about useful metrics which they can introduce in their organisation. The goal of the tutorial is to give participants methods to help their organization measure and improve quality.

Test Planning Explained by Predrag Skokovic
Predrag Skokovic is a seasoned software developer and tester with over two decades of experience in leading development teams. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Novi Sad, where he also worked as a demonstrator. He has a proven track record of successfully delivering international projects while promoting early software testing practices. His expertise extends across diverse industries, such as medicine, petrochemistry, finance, and banking.
In his tutorial participants will discuss the following topics: software test models, test process in context, test planning vs test plan, test strategy and test approach, risks, and many more.
Most importantly, they will exercise on a real-life example how to plan for test activities and to write it down in a test plan. During the tutorial the ISO 29119 - software testing standard- will also be referenced, in order to guide our thoughts and actions, as any other relevant standard or framework would do.

Let's build a Continuous Quality Assurance Strategy around your CI/CD pipeline by Szilard Szell
Szilard is a Senior Consultant of DevOps Practice for Telco Business at Eficode. Szilard has a proven track record in large scale Telco DevOps Transformation Programs, as well as an assessor, trainer, facilitator and coach in Test Automation and Testing Process improvement area. As a SAFe 6.0 SPC He is running successful training and coaching sessions.

His interactive tutorial will help teams learn how QA is extended to the left and to the right in DevOps, how to design QA pipelines with simple cards and what other testing related activities to be agreed on, to have a full test strategy. In this hands-on tutorial for teams of 5-6 people, participants will use several card games, as well as Sticky notes to identify parts of a Test Strategy and to design a CI/CD pipeline into its core.

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