SEETEST 2018 was a great experience. The program was well-designed with a great variety of relevant topics. There were lots of opportunities for networking and interaction. SEETEST is the best testing conference in Eastern Europe.

Gerie Owen, USA

There is a reason that SEETEST kept growing in the last few years and in my opinion that is because of the high standard of tutorials and talks. I’ve been to SEETEST several times by now and I see delegates coming back because they learned so much at the previous SEETEST conferences. I think it is the best place in Eastern Europe to keep your testing knowledge up-to-date.

Jan Jaap Cannegieter, Netherlands

2018 was our first SEETEST conference. We were impressed with the organization of the conference, the quality of speakers, and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the delegates. SEETEST is definitely one of the best testing conferences in Europe.

Peter Varhol, USA

2017 was the third SEETEST that I have spoken at, at each event the capability and confidence of the software testers who attend have grown. This is a great credit to Mitko and all the conference team, who are really putting testing on the map in South Eastern Europe. A great set of presentations and tutorials, with a good variety of nationalities in the actual speakers ensure that the attendees get the best that Europe has to offer. Keep up the great work.

Geoff Thompson, UK

Following the tradition, SEETEST 2017 in Sofia was another great SEETEST conference. The line-up for tutorials was one of the best I’ve ever seen, resulting in full rooms, great learning experiences and much positive feedback. SEETEST has become a conference experience and community, that once you have been there, you will try to attend every year. Hope to see many of you next year in Serbia.

Erik van Veenendaal, Bonaire

I had the pleasure and the honor to be a speaker at SEETEST 2017. The venue was excellent, the service and the food were very good, same goes for the level and quality of the talks. Veteran speakers along with beginners gave the conference a very nice, realistic and professional vibe. The organizers have made a huge effort in making every one of the attendees feel welcomed. SEETEST is a big family for all the testing professionals and not only, and I hope to see a lot of attendees next year. A big Thank You to all those who made SEETEST 2017 happen!

Cristiana Maria Gusanu, Denmark

"The conference itself was really nice. The venue was perfect, the food as well, and the organizing bit was really well done. I feel that the organizers have done everything they could to ensure that participants and speakers had all they wanted at their disposal. So congratulations on organizing a really great event! In terms of sessions, I feel that the presentations/tutorials/papers have been selected in such a manner that everything should come together as one. This is a good thing, since there's been a recurring theme throughout the conference that kept being transmitted to participants. There were no discrepancies between the themes selected for presentations and it all came together nicely."

Razvan Liviu Vuscan, Romania

"SEETEST2016 was an excellent conference by all means! The overall organization and management of the event was spotless and there were some presentations of really high value even for international standards. SEETEST deserves a place amongst the best QA conference in Europe and, why not, the whole world!"

Sakis Ladopoulos, Greece

"The conference organization was excellent, you did it all so beautifully, and were such great hosts. Particularly good was the comfortable seating in the coffee areas and the corridor by the main room, so people can sit and chat; the outdoor areas for eating and drinking – so people can get fresh air; the program is well balanced; being able to see the audience is really good; very generous hosting – felt very good to be well cared for; the size of the conference is good – small enough for people to meet and talk, mingle, large enough to feel like an event."

Isabel Evans, UK

"I liked all tutorials and keynotes as did my colleagues. We learned new things. As for the organization itself, we were very pleased, and to be honest we’re hoping to participate in the next years’ conference. We wouldn’t change a thing. It was the best conference I’ve ever been to. Thanks once again for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such great event."

Ivan Spasojevic, Serbia

"I have recently had the privilege of speaking at the South East European Software Testing Conference (SEETEST) in Sofia, Bulgaria. I was so impressed with this regional testing conference. It featured great speakers on important topics, some international experts, but many outstanding local speakers also. My congratulations to Mitko Mitev, the conference chair, and his staff for organizing such a great gathering. I was pleased to meet so many testers from this part of Europe who came together to learn their craft and hone their skills. I hope to continue my relationship with this conference in the future. You should too."

Lee Copeland, USA

"It's been a pleasure to meet you and share good moments and experience with you in Sofia A big thank you to the brilliant audience in my tutorial (very good professionals, interesting debate...what else can a speake ask for?) and to the fantastic organization. Keep the good spirit and take care."

Olivier Denoo, Belgium

"This was my first visit to SEETEST and I was impressed by the organisation of the conference, scope of talks and the very clear interest in the topics from all the attendees. This is certainly a conference to attend and I look forward to returning in the future."

Clive Bates, UK

“I participate in a lot of conferences around the world, and can say that SEETEST 2014 was one of the best organized I’ve ever attended. In addition, the audience was highly engaged in both of my presentations, indicating a degree of awareness of industry trends that clearly illustrated why south-eastern Europe is now a powerhouse in IT.”

Rex Black, USA

“Good software testing conferences connect people and provide an opportunity to gain knowledge from local and international experts. SEETEST14 was an excellent example of a good testing conference covering the South East European market. The tutorials were interesting and informative and the presentations gave useful insights into many current testing topics. It was a pleasure to attend this invigorating, well-organized and friendly conference.”

Graham Bath, Germany

"Dear SEETEST 2014 organizers, I would like to thank you for inviting me to take a part in the SEETEST 2014 conference. It was a great pleasure to be in Bucharest during the conference days and get to know more about the challenges you've in the QA and Testing field in the region, and mostly to see the quality of the people that joined the conference and came to learn, as well as to share from their knowledge and experience, while also asking excellent questions and challenging ones. I also would like to thank you for hosting me so kind and in a warm way and my fellow speakers, letting us feel at home while being away from home. I definitely will be happy to join the next conference and share more with my QA & Testing colleagues. I'm wishing you continuous success with the SEETEST events!"

Yaron Tsubery, Israel

"It was a good conference, I met many fellow testers and exchanged ideas and personal experiences. Learned a few things to apply in near future and found out a few good test resources. Hope to be back next year with interesting topics."

Robert Calangiu, Romania

"I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 SEETEST Conference. I participated to some really great sessions, such as Graham Bath’s and Yaron Tsubery’s tutorials, and also listened to best practices in testing from ISTQB members and other people from all over the world. I also had the chance to exchange knowledge with other quality assurance engineers about testing technologies and practices.
In a nutshell, this conference allowed me to assimilate so much information in so little time and to meet some great people."

Iulia Feican, Romania

"It definitely did not feel as if it was the first SEETEST conference in Romania. Well organised and well attended. The participants’ participation was enthusiastic and their knowledge was deep. I enjoyed interacting with them."

Vipul Kocher, India

"I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at SEETEST 2014, the organisation was super – best I have ever experienced – and the conference attendees showed real interest and were very friendly. I look forward to returning and continuing the TMMi story."

Geoff Thompson, UK