Load & Performance: Basic practical principles

Load & Performance: Basic practical principles

by Yaron Tsubery, Director QA & Testing Manager Enghouse Interactive Ltd.

14 September 2016

Full day course

Yaron Tsubery has more than 20 years in Software development, QA and Testing field. Yaron is an IT executive with excessive experience in managing QA & Testing organizations conducting large-scale, complex, real-time system testing at various sectors: Telecom, Banking, IT and Medical Devices. In charge of planning and implementing control quality assurance systems and SDLCs, while using best practice industrial standards (e.g. CMMi, TMMi, ISO, TPI etc.). Preparing and leading a large international company at the Telecom industry through ISO 9001: 2000 certification. Yaron is the former President of ISTQB® and is also the President and founder of the ITCB®. He is a member of IQAMF and in SIGiST Israel. In addition, Yaron has been invited as a speaker to important international conferences to lecture on subjects related to QA & Testing.

Full Course Outline

Load & performance, belong to the top ten list of most freighting words in software development especially when it comes to the point of sale of your product at times of extremely competitive market. One word that is really frightening is the word … STRESS (doesn’t it give you the shivers just hearing it?).

This tutorial will get you acquainted with the terms in subject and will donate to your understanding of the whole desired process stages:
o Sales meetings
o Design and architecture
o Ways of implementation
o Testing aspects
o Presenting results and reports

A part of the process you’ll be advised about ways to be aligned with your customer’s expectations, means that you’ll need to know and control the required lingo of the load profession, whether you’re sales person, developer or test engineer (e.g. ‘usage & traffic model’, ‘throughput’ etc’). You’ll be exposed to design and architecture solutions among with special guidelines for code writing and implementation.

The load test engineers will understand better

o what the required information to initiate load & performance is
o what to search for and how to improve their testing coverage
o how & what to report and present in order to give an added value to those who make the decisions

This practice is focused on projects of complex systems, delivered to telecommunication companies under restricted rules and stiff exit criteria elements, among tense delivery timelines.

Target audience

o Developers
o Load Test Engineers
o Load Test Leaders
o Testing Managers
o Development leaders
o Development managers
o System Engineers

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